Service Of  Rainbow Property


Whether you’re thinking of buying a new property, or looking forward to selling your existing property, there are lot of complex financial transactions involved. We make sure the financials are planned and executed considering all the statutory compliances and taxation implications. Property handling become easier and faster through our services.
Here are some of the property transaction services we provide.
1. Property Title Verification
We collect all the information and documents related to the property and complete all verification checks. We can also help you obtain any missing documentation if required.
2. Financials Planning
If you’re buying a property, we help you plan your finances and get the required loans sanctioned. We ensure that everything is ready for the final transaction.
3. Deal Execution
We take care of the sale deed drafting and printing, and ensure all the documentation is ready for the final transaction. We will also be physically present with you in the sub-registrar’s office on the sale day, to handle the registration process and the deal payment.
4. Transfer of Proceeds
We ensure that the transfer of proceeds after the sale of the property is handled smoothly and there are no hitches.
5. Reinvestment Options
We help you reinvest the money you get from the property sale, so you can profit well from it in the future. We provide reinvestment options that are sure to boost your financial and real estate portfolios.
6. Capital Gains Savings
The payment of Capital Gains tax can be avoided by wisely investing the profit you make from the property sale. We help you make effective investments to minimize tax deductions.